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A Completely Digitized Hospital with Miracle HIS and Miracle EMR by Akhil Systems.

Lives are increasingly changing by advancements in technology. The adoption of IT in healthcare institutions has been revolutionizing the whole healthcare system by making hospitals capable of providing more informed and personalized care paradigm. Venkateshwar hospital has recognized that the health system is undergoing a digital revolution which will be going to have a profound effect on the health Indian population. Henceforth they took a mission “to achieve global excellence in healthcare with evidence-based ethical practices by the team of highly skilled professionals by using cutting edge technology” and awarded the responsibility to Akhil Systems Private Limited- the leading provider of Hospital Information System. Akhil Systems utilized their 22+ years of experience to digitize the whole Venkateshwar hospital by successfully implementing Hospital Information System and interfaced lab equipment bi-directionally which reduce the human intervention to a negligible limit. Akhil Systems and Venkateshwar Hospital shook hands to automate the 325 bedded hospital so that they can work in less paper environment with improved efficiency and reduced chances of errors. Akhil’s state of art HIS solution combined with Venkateshwar’s dedicated staffs and medical practitioners has alleviated the hospital to provide best possible treatment.

Just a few years back, India was deprived of technological advancements in every sector but recently technological boom has engulfed the field of healthcare. The convergence of Akhil Systems information technology with Venkateshwar hospital has helped to improve patient experience, reduce costs, avoid duplicate tests, automate most of the manual processes and achieve the operational efficiency. The contribution of Mr. Jainender, IT Manager- Venkateshwar hospital has led to the development of robust IT infrastructure which acts as pillars for providing the best patient care experience as well as helps management to make better and quicker decisions. Miracle’s Management Information System facilitates management with statistical and graphical reports by data crunching which helps in making quicker and more informed decision. Moreover, now the hospital can store patient data digitally through Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which can be readily accessible to the patient as well as the hospital at any point in time.

Technological advancement in IT infrastructure by Venkateshwar’s hospital have pivoted the first step towards digitization of healthcare facilities by leveraging the Miracle Hospital Information System along with lab integration and interfaces like PACS, QMS, and Patient portal. In addition, the compatibility of HIS at mobile devices with the powerful Miracle apps like EMR and Mlab has powered Venkateshwar hospital to give best in class patient care and treatment.


“All the hospitals need to streamline their healthcare IT infra in order to make quicker, simpler and more efficient healthcare service delivery. Shaking hands with Akhil Systems in digitization of hospital is helping us to make better clinical as well as managerial decisions. Their Miracle HIS and other IT solutions is a fulcrum which help us to achieve the utmost efficiency in every department of the hospital.” Mr. Kamal Solanki- CEO, Venkateshwar Hospital

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