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  Hospital Information System
  Electronic Medical Record
  Lab Information System
  Radiology Information System
  Picture Archiving & Communication Systems
  Pharmacy Information System
Case Studies
Jehangir Hospital, Pune
Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon
Apollo Hospital Dhaka, Bangladesh
Apollo Hospital Chennai
Apollo Hospital Banglore
Case Studies - Apollo Hospitals, Banglore
Total Bed Strength: 450 Beds
Implementation Period 2006-2007
Super Specialty Hospital
Cardiology and Cardiac surgery
Diagnostic Services
Emergency & Trauma
Internal Medicine
Neurology and neurosurgery
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Paediatrics & Paediatrics surgery
Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery
Surgical & Medical Gastroenterology
Urology & Nephrology
Contact Persons
Mr. Kamath (CEO), Dr. Umapathy (COO), Mr. Santosh Marathe (CFO)
New Hospital with Paperless concept Computerization
Apollo Hospitals Banglore is the latest of Apollo's offerings and is located at one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in India - Banglore. Apollo Hospitals Banglore is the newest addition to the ever-growing network of Apollo Hospitals all over the world. The hospital is equipped with some of the most advanced facilities in the world and some of the most eminent names in several medical specialties and superspecialities.
About HIS Implementation
After seeing our successful implementation at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, Apollo Group assigned their own group hospitals projects of Chennai and Banglore. Being Apollo Banglore a new hospital again was a great challenge for using the computerized system from the day of the Akhil Systems Private Limited Page 10 starting the hospital. The complete application was customized as per the new system planned by Apollo and training was give to all Domain Users and more than 400 end Users.
Challenges faced during Implementation
New Hospital with no existing manual system
Designing the system to be followed in all the departments in computerized environment
Designing the software for all the Specialty Doctors for e-prescriptions and e-medical records from the day one of the starting of the hospital
Customization and Testing the Software to run live without extensive parallel-run
Training to more than 500 users about the system followed in healthcare industry and then how to use the computerized system
Making live from the day of starting the hospital
Complete Electronic Patient Record
Fully integrated front office and back office operations
Centralized Database
Reduced Patient Waiting Time for Appointment and Billing
Reduced Patient Waiting time at Pharmacy for collection of medicines
Reduced time for diagnostic Result preparation by directly capturing the data from machines
Patient Records available in the hospital and can be referred by any consultant anytime from any location
On-line Statistical Data is available to Middle and Top Management for Decision Making
Financial Data available at any given point of time
Human Resource data available on-line for taking any decision on Manpower available and manpower required
On-line MIS available on Revenue, Patient Statistics, Doctors Performance, Department Performance, Financial Data on Budget Vs. Actual, etc for Management decision
Modules implemented
Front Office Modules
Patient Registration
Appointment Management
OPD Billing & Collection Management
In-Patients A/D/T Management
Orders Entry Management
In-Patients Billing & Cash Collection
Electronic Patient Medical Record
OPD Clinical Management
Master Health Checkup Management
Accident & Emergency
In-Patients Clinical Management
Operation Theatre Management
Medical Records, Medical Statistics & File Tracking
Physiotherapy Management
Dialysis Management
Diagnostic Modules
Laboratory Information System
Radiology Information System
Blood Bank Management
Inventory & Pharmacy Management
Purchase Management
Material & Department Inventory Management
Drug Stores & Pharmacy Management
Finance & Budgeting
Personnel & Payroll Management
Doctors Accounting Management
Budgeting and Costing Management
Fixed Assets Management
Finance & Accounts Management
Human Resource & Payroll
Human Resource
Duty Roster Management
Training Management
Ancillary Modules
Dietary (Food and Beverage) Management
Equipment Maintenance Management
Linen & Laundry Module
Infection Control Management
Guest Relations Management
Library Management
Transport Management
Management Information System
Information on Revenue
Information on Doctors Performance
Information on Departments Performance
Information on Hospital Performance
Information on Cost Vs. Budget Analysis
Information on Payables and Receivables
Admin Modules
Centralized Hospital Facilities Management
Corporate and Insurance Companies Management
Software Security & Access Rights Management
Admin Modules
Centralized Hospital Facilities Management
Corporate and Insurance Companies Management
Laboratory Equipments
Bar Code Interface
SMS Interface (planned)
Time Machine Interface
Main Server HP Clustered Server
Internet Server Proxy server
Operating System Windows 2003
Database SQL Server 2005
Clients Windows XP
Architecture Three Tier
No. of Clients 200 Nos.
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