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Miracle Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Miracle Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is one of the most powerful EMR that has the capacity to fully automate your clinical work flows. Miracle EMR, designed by Akhil systems- the leading provider in healthcare IT industry act as a pivot for the automation of clinical workflows which helps in recording a wide range of data accurately. Miracle EMR is specially designed to bring operation efficiency, avoid clinical errors, help in clinical decision making and plug revenue loss. The currently used paper based system is quite ineffective, insufficient and involves high maintenance cost. These problems of unproductiveness can be resolved with the most advanced Miracle EMR which follows the seven stages of EMR adoption model and conforms to all the healthcare standards which makes it totally interoperable. Bundling the EMR with Miracle Hospital Information System (HIS) gives the full potential to go paperless in all the departments of the healthcare institution. Some of the benefits are-

  • Conforms to all the standards and requirements given by Ministry of Health like ICD 10, CPT, LONIC, SNOMED.
  • Physicians can retrieve patient information like medications, diagnoses, allergies, lab results in just few clicks
    Physician can have special drug formulary, plan of care and treatment plan options which helps to provide better quality care.
  • It facilitates computerized provider entry (CPOE) which reduces errors related to transcriptions
  • Can be accessed 24*7 from any location of healthcare facility
  • Clinical decision support system with the help of drug interactions like CIMS, LEXI, UpToDate etc.
  • Secure communication between doctor and patient which ensures better privacy.
  • Avoid delays in treatments as well reduce the chances of medical errors.
  • Eliminates any chance of duplication of radiology and laboratory orders.
  • Hassle free secure storage of patient information electronically and retrieval of information within minutes
  • Seamless integration with PACS, Queue Management System, Pharmacy, ROWA, Patient Portal, SMS and Email Integration etc.

There are countless other benefits to EMR adoption as it can transform healthcare by digitizing the workflow. Despite of having the potential to provide substantial benefits to doctors, clinicians and healthcare organizations, the adoption of EMR in India has been considerably low as they are still fixated on paper records. Healthcare professionals have some perceived barriers that there is high capital cost, insufficient return on investment and negative unintended consequences of technology. In reality, the evolution of technology has proved that these perceived barriers are now myths as Electronic Medical Records has led to

  1. Better coordination of care
  2. Increased patient satisfaction
  3. Increased cost savings and efficiencies
  4. Improved quality of patient care

With the advancement of technology, Electronic Medical Records have become very affordable and over that it lowers the operating cost for healthcare facilities by reducing the expense of storage of traditional paper-based medical records. It also prevents the unnecessary staff expenses.
In order to provide the best quality care and eliminate the inefficiencies, it is crucial to leverage the advantages of EMR and digitize the healthcare workflow. Akhil systems have designed a powerful and comprehensive EMR which work efficiently to create a less paper environment which will reduce errors and improve the quality of care for patients.

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