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Medical Records & Medical Statistics
Medical Records Department module covers following functions for Computerization:
Medical Records - Functions
Facility for entry & Creation of a Catalogue for International Classification of Codes for Diseases (ICD 10 ) and Procedures (ICP) as Per W.H.O. by referring the Manuals released by W.H.O
Both for Out-Patients and In-Patients, facility to enter above Classification Codes for Diseases, Diagnostic Procedures and Surgery Procedures by Users in Medical Department will be provided. This Module will be integrated with Out-Patients and In-Patients Modules for automatic picking-up of Patient basic details by mentioning of Patient's Registration No. in the Entry Screen of ICD & ICP Codes by Users. Also facility will be provided for On- Line Help for viewing of the Catalogue in the Entry Screen of Codes by Users.
Enables printing of Birth and Death Certificates and Reports required to be sent to the
Births & Death Registrar Office.
Highly Useful Statistical Reports are generated for the Institute for any specific Period both for Out-Patients & In-Patients. User defined Queries for quick retrieval of Patient Records and generation of Patient Statistics based on the Codes entered
Facilitates Patient File Tracking
Generation of Medical Statistics Report as per the prescribed Format by the Ministry of Health and other Medical Institutions
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