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Akhil Systems & Wolters Kluwer Have Just Introduced The Future of Healthcare In India – CDSS Integrated EMR

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Medical Directors, CIOs, CTOs, CEOs & IT Managers from New Delhi, NCR and across were dazed by the Health Connect: Innovations For Smart Hospitals hosted by India’s renowned & awardwinning Healthcare IT Company Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd. with Dutch conglomerate Wolters Kluwer. The event took place at The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba Road on 17Aug. Some of the Delhi’s luminary healthcare experts also attended this event.

Akhil Systems and Wolters Kluwer joined hands to integrate Miracle HIS and UpToDate to form an ultramodern EMR/HIS with built-in CDSS. This integration will assist the doctors worldwide to break the conventional methodology of Patient Care and Consultation. It took over a weeks to integrate UpToDate and Miracle HIS successfully. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain, Director – Akhil Systems, took charge himself to invite the dignitaries. Attendants were excited to learn about the novel technology that will eventually become the face of healthcare industry. The guests were first addressed by Mr. Shireesh Sahai, CEO – Wolters Kluwer India who welcomed them with warm words. Mr. Ishaq Kadri, Secretary – HIMMS APAC India then enlightened the guests with the best practices of Smart Hospitals and Digital Healthcare Delivery. Following the speech, Dr Nalinikanta Panigrahi and Mr. Dave Patnaik, GM & Senior VP – Wolters Kluwer addressed the guests on various topics individually.

The integrated product was unveiled by EMR expert Mr. Surya Pratap Singh, Akhil Systems which was highly appreciated by the medical directors and doctors. CDSS integrated EMR has been in demand from past two years. Many medical professionals and healthcare experts denote it as the doctor’s best friend. The event went even more enthralling when Dr. Vinod, Clinical Effectiveness – Wolters Kluwer India, hosted the Q&A session with the invitees. The curiosity of the guests were answered succinctly by Dr. Vinod. After the Thank you note by Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, Project Manager – Akhil Systems, guests had an open discussion while enjoying the scrumptious dinner.

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