Third Party Integrations


Regarding Hospital IT management & administrators, developing a stable base to support your current Hospital strategy is crucial. The right IT infrastructure creates an empowering atmosphere in order to let your current hospital complete a lot more within the most effective with quality intact.

Miracle line of software products deliver healthcare integration software that is transforming the way hospitals meet the healthcare interoperability and operational challenges so all team members can confidently meet the daily requirements and the IT strategic imperatives in a high-quality, high-performing way.


Interfaces Available
  • Tally/ Navision/ Oracle for Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Clinical Decision Support System
  • CIMS (Drug Database)/ Lexi /Vidal
  • SMS integration
  • Laboratory Equipment Interface
  • PACS for Radiology Images
  • Barcode integration
  • Smart Card Integration
  • Web/Patient Portal Interface etc.
Healthcare Standards
  • Standard Coding – ICD-10, CPT, SNOMED
  • HL7 compliant
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • CHHIT & ARRA Certified
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